3rd Floor Dreamin’

IMG_2177Today I’m going to introduce you to the third floor… the part of the house that has been virtually untouched over the years. We don’t use it for anything other than storage at the moment but over time, we have BIG plans for this space.

Simply put, the space is huge. The third floor alone is twice as big as the first apartment Mr. Brick and Maple had when we were newlyweds. I’m not exaggerating.

Winding up the twisted staircase, you will discover limitless possibilities, endless potential, a virtual clean slate.

There are two clearly defined spaces. Going straight forward from the top of the stairs you’ll enter what we believe used to be a ballroom. The floors are original and HAVE NOT BEEN PAINTED. That fact alone makes me want to break out in dance! All they’ll need is a good sanding, some very basic patch repairs, and a nice glossy poly sheen.


In this space, I want to build a reading window with built-in bookcases and thick, plush linens for the most comfort. We’ll strip the column (it’s a chimney) to expose the brick. The corner hidden behind it will be a bright and cheery homeschool space. We’ll likely move our games and Wii system up here to use as a rec room as well!

These rooms at the top of the stairwell will require the most work- only because we envision making a guest suite out of the rooms. If we have people visiting and staying up here, I don’t want them having to go all the way downstairs to use the bathroom. We plan on converting the smaller room (on the left, surrounded in tan) into a small 3 piece bathroom. Sink, toilet, potentially a shower stall… and the room in surrounded in blue (with the two arched windows) will be a guest room.

I love all the little details in this space, like antique carved hinges and simply beautiful floors. These were covered in carpet when we moved in… pulling back the carpet pad was like hearing the Hallelujah Chorus.

When the original family sold the house in 1919, it began to change hands. A LOT. Prior to World War II it was converted into a boarding house with separate apartments. We believe part of this space would have been rented out either to soldiers and airman passing through Scott Air Force Base or to single women coming to the city to work. One of the more notable residents was a cousin of Gen. Douglas MacArthur.

MacArthurAbendNow whether or not their apartment was on the 2nd or 3rd floor, we can’t be sure. But it’s still a fun historical tidbit! 🙂


I am VERY excited about this project. It is something we will slowly be working on over time… right now I’m still in the Pinterest phase which is probably why I’m so excited. Check back with me later when the actual work starts and I question what exactly we got ourselves into.

Happy Monday from The Brick and Maple! ❤

Our first before & after: my art room

Hey y’all!

As we are (…slowly) getting the house unpacked and put together, we thought it would be a fun time to go ahead and start sharing our before and after pictures with you! This first room is one of my favorites in the whole entire house. Used as a nursery by the previous owners, this adorable little room off of the Master suite is now my art room, writing area, and guest space. Because my husband is amazing and spoils me endlessly, he has gifted this room to me to use in whatever way I want.

For my whole life, I’ve loved to draw, paint, make things with my hands, just generally be creative, and having a space designed just for that is my dream come true. There’s plenty of storage for my sketchbooks, paints, pencils, brushes, art books, ad infinitum. Plus, all the natural light streaming in from the big bay window is soothing and inspirational.

Borrowing a before-before photo from the previous owners, you can see where this room started when they took over renovations in 2012.

image1 (1)

Because it was used as a nursery, you can tell the hours and blood, sweat, and tears that were poured into this room to make it safe. Wiring was updated, walls and ceiling were repaired with new drywall, the floors were lovingly sanded and polished.


When all was said and done, this lovely space was complete with two chandeliers and a calming periwinkle color.


Putting my own flair and style into this space involved hiding a chair from my husband that I bought from a lady on Facebook Marketplace, scoring a sweet side table from the clearance section of Target for no apparent reason, finagling a way to get a stunning daybed home from World Market after I discovered that it wouldn’t fit in my car (hey people who make sales tags: you should really put the dimensions of THE BOX on the tag, too…), and convincing aforementioned husband that, duh, putting a white rug down IS totally a good idea.


(And yes- those fairy lights were definitely put up before my shoes were unpacked or the washing machine was even hooked up… I have my priorities, ok?)


As silly as this may sound, I need this space. It feeds my soul. Surrounded by only dudes in my house, this exists as a clean, quiet, feminine oasis in a world otherwise filled with military acronyms, bugs, dirty shoes, and poop jokes.

This room is ABSOLUTELY my favorite place to be right now. It is everything girly and floral and pretty and soft in this world… When I close my eyes and think about luxury, this is what I see.

Keep checking in for more before and after photos as we continue to unpack! As always, follow us on Instagram to keep up with us between bloggity-blog posts. @thebrickandmaple

Stay sweet,
The Brick and Maple Fam ❤