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Stuff we’ve found: More Goodies!

Up next on my favorite installment of Stuff We’ve Found are these beauties! Another glass bottle, a short rim cartridge, a frequent buyer punchcard from

Shopping Small on Main Street

Gooooood mornning Belleville! I’ve been woefully inferior about maintaining any sort of regular posting schedule, which I absolutely apologize for! I’ll get right on fixing

Researching the History of Your Home!

Hey everyone! Today I had the pleasure of speaking at Belleville’s Museum Day activities. I was at the Garfield Saloon talking about how to research

Belleville News Democrat Feature

Last week, I sat down with Heidi Wiechert to tell the story of Emma Romeiser Pannes… today the story went live. It is accompanied by

Hi friends and new followers!

I just wanted to remind you all of our Instagram account!!! There is a TON of content over there that doesn’t always make it onto the blog, plus fun videos in their ‘Stories’ function.

Be sure to head on over to Instagram and give us a follow @thebrickandmaple!

See y’all over there!

~The Brick and Maple family

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