Before and After: the Master Suite

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My mother-in-law once said to me that you should take extra steps to make sure your bedroom is ridiculously comfortable… almost like a hotel. The majority of people take maybe one vacation a year and look forward to that added luxury of a hotel room. Unless you’re my husband who sometimes leaves for months on end “for work,” the majority of us are in our beds EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. So why wouldn’t we do everything in our power to make it a cozy, luxurious haven?

Enter the King Bed.

As giving and caring as I try to be, I’m not known for my sharing capabilities. I like to burrow into blankets, I kick in my sleep, and routinely wake up sprawled diagonally across the bed. Even as a kid when I went to visit my Grandma, she refused to share her King sized bed with me because I’m… I’m just awful to share a bed with.

As a poor, newlywed couple just out of college, all we could afford was a cheap bed frame from Target and some mattresses that fell off the back of a truck. It was a Queen set, and sorry world, hubs just had to deal. And so it was for the next 10 years.

When we found out we were moving, he/we/I made the executive decision to order a King bed ahead of our move-in date so that it would just be ready when we got here.

A master this glorious is just fit for a King bed anyway. But… it maybe didn’t start out that way.

As you can see, when the previous owners took over it was… pink. Very. Pink. Wallpaper borders and 1970s brick and really old carpet and… pink.

I’m thankful for their hard work bringing this suite to life. They painted, removed carpet, changed light fixtures, and made the fireplace the centerpiece.


Once we moved in, it was Box City for several days. With a house this big, two rowdy children, and no family nearby to help, we were definitely a bit underwater the first week. Everywhere I turned there was another box to unpack. I definitely got a case of Butt First syndrome, where I would go to start one task, and along the way would see something else that needed to be done first but first before I got to THAT task there was yet ANOTHER thing that had to happen.. but first. I was pretty much going in circles.

Thankfully, with the help of lots of coffee and even more curse words, we got to some semblance of normalcy.

And that KING BED. Marriage counselors should lead with, “so, do you have a King? That’ll fix your problems.”  And now, our Master is so comfortable that I don’t want to ever get out of bed.

Not that I’ve ever really had a problem with that…


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