Craigslist Strikes Again

It’s gotten to the point in our almost-ten year marriage where anytime my husband hears me say, “hey babe- come look at this,” he knows he’s in for an entire afternoon of hair-brainedly (that’s a word, yes?) chasing down something I found on Craigslist. Once it was a SINGLE OWNER, absolutely pristine, 100-year old Werner […]

Before and After: the Master Suite

My mother-in-law once said to me that you should take extra steps to make sure your bedroom is ridiculously comfortable… almost like a hotel. The majority of people take maybe one vacation a year and look forward to that added luxury of a hotel room. Unless you’re my husband who sometimes leaves for months on […]

Our first before & after: my art room

Hey y’all! As we are (…slowly) getting the house unpacked and put together, we thought it would be a fun time to go ahead and start sharing our before and after pictures with you! This first room is one of my favorites in the whole entire house. Used as a nursery by the previous owners, […]